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Thank you for participating in our commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11!

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8671 QSOs recorded with 5691 participants!

Latest NASA Station Uploads

StationCallsignLatest UploadLatest QSOTotal QSOs
ArmstrongNA6SA2019-07-31 20:54:202019-07-21 01:15:55175
GlennNA8SA2019-07-25 01:52:532019-07-24 15:59:00847
GoddardWA3NAN2019-07-27 18:28:142019-07-25 01:31:002020
JohnsonW5RRR2019-07-26 17:48:312019-07-24 16:49:002318
KennedyN1KSC2019-08-12 18:19:062019-07-24 16:28:001563
MarshallN4A2019-07-26 16:24:552019-07-24 15:55:001742